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About Adelina




Adelina started cooking for her family as a young girl of seven in the small Calabrian town of Cervicati in the Province of Cosenza, Italy whilst her parents worked the land. Adelina was still a young woman when her family migrated to Australia, her passion for cooking was so strong she enrolled at the William Angliss TAFE College and became a qualified Chef.  

After graduating Adelina worked at Campari Bistro as Head Chef, Scusami Ristorante, where she specialised in regional Italian cuisine and desserts. During this time Adelina also took part in pasta making demonstrations at Southbank and the Melbourne Food show.

Adelina then joined Enoteca Vino Bar as a pastry Chef to create a range of traditional Italian biscotti, cakes, desserts and handmade pasta. Her passion for sharing her knowledge led to Adelina teaching at the cooking classes run by the Enoteca.

Today Adelina teaches you about Italian Cooking at her cooking school “Adelinas Kitchen Dromana”.